About me

I am Raimundo Rizo, professional translator since 2009 and founder of Tradurama.

I translate from English and French to Spanish, my mother tongue. I specialise in the legal and economic sectors, but over time have expanded my range of services to include e-commerce, marketing, and advertising, as well as transcreation and creative writing.

I have experience in highly specialised sectors including socially responsible tourism, mountain sports, sports textiles, and animal health.

My clients include specialist translation providers, non-governmental organisations, and communications agencies.

Over time, I have formed many professional relationships with other language service providers. These include translators working in other language combinations and areas of expertise, sworn translators, proofreaders, editors, and interpreters.

Nowadays, translation can no longer be considered a solitary profession. Take a look at the services I offer and, if you do not find what you are looking for, just ask. I can provide solutions for your linguistic needs.