At Tradurama our primary concern is ensuring that your message reaches its target loud and clear.

To this end, I work with computer programs that guarantee coherence and appropriate adaptation of your texts.
If you are looking to consolidate your brand and need to systematically apply specific terminology in all your texts, I can work with glossaries, translation memories, and style guides adapted to your communication needs, always with complete confidentiality.

Translation from English and French to Spanish (enquire about other language combinations)


lawsuits, judgments, appeals, and court orders, powers of attorney, audits, contracts, bylaws, financial statements, banking certificates, business plans, audit reports, etc.


cultural and historical routes, museum guides, technical, informative, and institutional documentation for world heritage candidates, travel guides, interpretive trails, etc.

Sworn translation from French to Spanish:

translation of official documents by a sworn translator-interpreter authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation (academic certificates, criminal records, residence certificates, homologation of academic credits, medical records, official titles, etc.)


so-called “creative translation” involves not only linguistic translation, but also adaptation of the message to the target culture. It requires the translation concepts and ideas in addition to words. This process is most often required in advertising, although not all advertising translation requires transcreation.


comparative revision of original texts and corresponding translations in order to conduct a thorough and meticulous analysis of the grammar, typography, syntax, and terminology of the translation.


non-comparative revision of texts (both translations and original material), to correct spelling and style errors.

Multi-format writing for multimedia support:

writing adapted to the client’s needs in terms of format, style, and communicative intention.