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Ideas materialise in words, and these words in turn shape communication. A message must reach its destination loud and clear, without interference.
 This process requires the participation of a qualified professional.

Services I offer to help you communicate your message.

  • Hemos colaborado con Raimundo Rizo desde casi los inicios del proyecto y podemos acreditar su gran profesionalidad. La delicadeza con la que hila y maneja las palabras es impresionante. Además, da muestras de una gran responsabilidad y capacidad organizativa. Y no queríamos acabar sin destacar su sincero y apasionado respeto por la cultura, la naturaleza, el entorno y las personas y seres que lo han habitado y lo habitan.

    Adrián Solana journalist and publisher
  • When I think about Raimundo's work the word that comes to my mind is reliability. We have had the chance to collaborate with Raimundo for more than two years now in multiple projects both for Brand contents and eCommerce material. His translating and proofreading work shows expertise, accuracy and attention to detail. He has an outstanding ability to plan work and meet deadlines. Also his creativity has added up to the team, working hand in hand with the rest of us and contributing to excellence and quality in an active and passionate way.

    Elena Cebrián translator and interpreter
  • It is always a pleasure working with Raimundo. I can always count on him for a high-quality service. Besides, communication is always good and everything goes smooth. He is trustworthy and professional.

    Carolina Rodrigo translator
  • I've worked with Raimundo on a regular basis over the last 18 months. He can always be relied upon to deliver excellent quality translations, quite often with demanding deadlines. His communication is always prompt and friendly, it's a pleasure working with him.

    Neil Brady project manager
  • A plusieurs reprises, nous avons fait appel à M. Rizo pour des traductions juridiques. Le travail que nous lui avions confié a toujours été fourni dans les délais convenus et la qualité de ses traductions était à chaque fois excellente. C’est pourquoi nous n’hésitons pas à le recommander chaudement pour tout projet de traduction.

    Claude Allard translator
  • Je connais Rai depuis de nombreuses années et j'ai travaillé avec lui aussi bien dans des projets juridiques que scientifiques sous ma supervision. Sa démarche de travail est rigoureuse et ses recherches très pointues, ce qui lui permet de produire des traductions exactes et naturelles en espagnol. Il est sérieux et toujours à l'écoute du client. Un traducteur haut de gamme.

    Nathalie Fernández veterinarian and translator
  • Raimundo is not only a good quality translator, but also reliable and communicative - important for a great working relationship. He is very attentive to details and ensures consistent high quality.

    Jen Conroy project manager
  • Raimundo is an excellent translator with a keen eye for detail who I know I can rely on for translations into Spanish. He has always delivered on time and is a real pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!

    Carla Davidson translator and interpreter